What is DonateBucket?

DonateBucket is an online credit card and check processing service offered to a variety of groups and causes.

See a charge from DonateBucket?

DonateBucket is a payment processor for political campaigns, businesses, non-profits and organizations.

Are there any sign up costs?

No, Signing up with DonateBucket is completely free. There is no start up fee, no contract or annoying monthly fees. The only cost is the processing fee of 5% plus a 10 cent transaction fee.

How long will it take me to receive my funds?

DonateBucket knows how important funds are to your organization or campaign. However, DonateBucket must first receive the funds from the issuing card bank before we can proceed to send you the funds. Most processors take five to seven business days to transfer your contributions to your account, DonateBucket will send you your money as soon as it is available.

Do you offer live support?

DonateBucket offers live call support for any questions you might have about our system. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-992-3763.

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